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Renovasi Rumah

Remodeling is a necessity, whoever of you who just have a new house or old house definitely needs renovation services for the repair work.

Buying a new home is not necessarily new goods, sometimes even the New homes likely found things – things should be improved as improvements: repainting, roof repair, repair drains, repair fences, repair doors windows etc.

Moreover, the old house, of course renovation work will become bigger and need good planning. We in www.jasarenovasirumah.net have set up a nice service to the father / mother and gentlemen, especially in terms of home renovations.

Our service will certainly answer all the problems and as a great solution for a renovation project that you have the plan, we have three classes in the renovation, namely:

Renovation  (Small)
Renovation  (Medium)
Renovation (Large)

Jobs – jobs that fall within the class is requiring renovation financing Rp 100.000.000 to above are as follows:

Unloading the old building
– A total renovation of almost 80% – 100% of the old building
Addition of floor 1 to floor 2
Addition of facilities such as a pool / studio / karaoke
Addition of new buildings

Great job like this needs power / field team who are experienced and have a lot of work on the project – a project like this before. With the proper calculation in all aspects, so as to produce a solid and attractive building.

Process design, process phase until the finishing work is progressing and should be controlled, managed ripe with good work planning between labor, building materials and sound financial management.

www.jasarenovasirumah.net has produced many works – the work of the results of this third class renovation in some places / locations in Jabodetabek. We are ready to work on development: Private Houses, Apartments, Houses Kost / contracted, house plots, commercial, office, following Newsstand interior job kitchen set, wardrobe, desk and bed.

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