Why Use Shea Butter in Bath Bombs?


A lot of people are choosing bath bombs as the perfect bath time companion. What are bath bombs, and why are they so popular nowadays? Bath bombs are often shaped like balls (sometimes as tablets or even as different as cupcakes!) which are part sodium carbonate and citric acid. This makes a reaction when you put the in the water, and they release their contents, which varies from scents, glitters, salts; and for the kids, even small toys and messages. All these create a fun and relaxing bath time experience, and even the ‘fizz’ you hear from the bath bombs can help soothe you! The colour makes the bath more pretty, as the scent begins to work its way into you.

There are many types of scents and ingredients in bath bombs, but more and more people prefer shea butter bath bombs. Its smell is definitely soft and relaxing, but it also has many healing properties which is its main attraction. From skin that has been damaged by the sun, to acne and fungal infections, shea butter is known to help ease all these. It first became known and popular in Africa where it is dry. There they use the butter to moisturize their skin, protecting it from the sun and wind. Today, it is known and used the whole world over for its excellent moisturizing properties soap guy bath bombs.

Shea butter comes from shea nuts, which grow in Africa, hence its popular use there. Some women carry baskets and pick the shea nuts from the trees, carrying it to manufacturers not only of soap, but even as a substitute for cocoa butter. There are also different kinds of shea butter, depending on its processing. Unrefined is still considered the best, as it retains its natural components. It is extracted with the use of water. Refined shea butter retains most of its components, while highly refined shea butter makes use of solvents to increase its yield.

the butter smells nutty and soft, and with proper storage, will retain its smell for a long time. Shea butter bath bombs leave a person with a buttery, powdery smell which attracts many people to it. Whatever type of skin you have, or whichever skin problem you have, shea butter will be beneficial to you. Many use it as a daily moisturizer, while some apply it to some damaged part of their skin, such as skin rashes, cracks, peeling, tanning, and burns. It helps in preventing stretch marks, reduces scars, acnes, and eases irritation. It is also great for the tough areas of the skin, and absorbs quickly, leaving no residue.

Given all these benefits, it is no wonder why shea butter is fast becoming a treat for many people; not only for direct use, but in bath bombs as well.