Thoughts Are Things, Time Is Currency, and Putting Off Your Online Business


Thoughts are the very things that make us act. Just this week some very dear friends and I watched as we said goodbye to someone very dear to us. Someone we had worked beside, done business with, or had just called her friend or family. Naturally, the very thought that this adored person would actually pack up her belongings, ship her car across the country and move 2,000 miles away, was almost more than all of us could bear! We in no way looked forward to this party. Not that we didn’t wish we could do the same!

Now this seemed so easy for her to do, or was it? My observation began months before as we all noticed that at least more than one week a month she was flying away to see him, but not taking time away from her internet businesses. She would always take her computer, as I guess most of her business is done online, on the computer these days, anyway. How was she able to just get on an airplane and leave all of us behind? This was a new awareness for me. These very thoughts hadn’t crossed my mind before. Obviously, these thoughts and others had crossed hers! The next thing I noticed was every time she left, she returned happier, lighter, and I could see her budding sense of “change of heart”. I don’t think this was from flying that ‘heart’ airline either. She was simply changing right before our eyes. It was like she had shed her skin while away, but became more and more beautiful, at the heart of her core, glowing through her golden skin.

Naturally, the time away got longer with each adventure. She kept a very nice apartment here, but her mind was made up. There was a new love in her life and her decisions to make changes had been there long before the first talk of her move. She would not be procrastinating much longer แทงบอลออนไลน์.

The last time she was gone, she went to Europe, specifically, London, Paris and Switzerland. She was gone almost a whole month! I knew all bets of her staying in the state were off when she returned. She needed to be close to the love of her life. She deserved to be close to the love of her life and she decided to be close to the love of her life. Intermittent visits were no longer going to do. Procrastination can create periodic results in an online business. It can also put someone out of business. The starting and stopping of the business can exhaust even the best. The same thing was evident with her new relationship. The new things she was focused on were evident in the words she used. She had spent hours thinking about how she could be closer to the person who makes her smile the most. All the time she was spending smiling, reflected out upon the world and made the cool fall days seem a bit brighter as the trees dropped their leaves.

Now her month away from all of us had drawn her closer to him and the positive changes had to be mirrored on his side too. The two of them had realized the time shared together is indeed the true currency. Without that currency there is no more. No more of anything.

I slowly began to understand that by making her move, she was no longer procrastinating. She was no longer making her sporadic relationship dependent on the rest of her life. She was spending her time currency for true happiness. It wasn’t even so much about her falling in love. For me and the others closest to her it was the realization that most of us trade time for money. She had traded time away from us for happiness, freedom, adventure, vacation and starting a new life all with someone she loves with all her heart. He feels the same about her too.

Lightening doesn’t have to strike me twice. I understood! The freedom had come from her online business. She was not tied to the grind so many of us find ourselves bound to. She was free to do what she wanted to do.

One of her friends asked her, “So do I cry now, or later?” Her response was so typical of her increasingly sparkling personality. “You don’t need to cry unless you are not happy for us!” That is what I most love about her. She always leaves nuggets of character development or rosebuds in her wake. Procrastination can now be a thing of our past. We now realize that we could have seen her regularly when she lived closer, but now it will be not so often unless I check out the fairs on that heart airline.

Her thoughts have brought her to discover, realize and experience the knowledge of the true currency, time. I’ll miss hanging out with my million dollar friend. I will call and ask her about that online business opportunity that has given her the peace to be free, live her life with unlimited potential and in any way she chooses. I know that I, we, are all a part of her thoughts too. I wonder where it could, would, will take me? Unless, of course, I procrastinate and put the call off, that is…

Healthy Habit: Next party, going away or not, change up the snacks. Serve lower calorie favorites i.e.: shrimp instead of cold cuts. Veggies instead of chips and dip. Try a new light dessert recipe.

Quote From the Tote: “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.