Sore Scalp After Attaching Hair Extensions


As Editor of Hair Resources, I usually get e mails with questions about hair extensions. Below is just a new query from somebody who recently got hair extensions.

Hairextension Question:

I doing online research about hair Tape In Hair Extension. I recently had hair extensions attached and I am concerned with maintenance and care as of this point more than anything else. I would like to find out more about the way these were applied too. I am wondering why this had been so uncomfortable if they were implemented. My scalp was sore for a couple of days. Is this normal?

Hair Resources Editor:

Both of those Ebooks, 2005’s Most Popular Hair Extensions and Hair Extensions-The Official Consumers Guide for Hair Extensions maintenance and care tips for hair extensions. The tips encompass all the various techniques available today. Some methods will possess special care directions that you just hair stylist ought to be suggesting around.

Our tips are more general in nature, a compilation from a number of different expansion hair stylists and hair extension companies.Both books also contain the details of 27 unique hair extension methods. The Latest details are at the Hair Extensions-The Official Consumers Guide to Getting Hair Extensions, Together with several previously and after photographs.

Because of your Great Lengths extensions application dilemma, no use of extensions should hurt. You state “embarrassing”, also your own scalp was sore for a couple days. I am not certain should be the case with these types of extensions. Should it hurt, chances are they may not be applied properly.

A specific way I understand this refers to may be that the braiding method, where your normal hair is braided and the extensions are sewn into the braid. In the event the braids are finished too closely, you will have a very sore scalp and possible hair loss problems down the road. I can understand that the entire scalp being a little tender, however from the extra burden of this extension hair never out of the application form procedure. Human hair is quite heavy.