What Are Color Enhanced Diamonds and Are They For You?


Diamonds are obviously available in a exact wide range of colours. Most people are aware about color-less diamonds and GIA’s color grading system which is utilised to classify a diamond’s figure colour… you know D, E, F, etc.. This color grading system is just utilized to classify the most common diamond body color of yellow however anytime that the gemstone is found in an alternate color including pink, blue, green, etc.; afterward this bead is known as a”fancy diamond”.

Pure Fancy diamonds can be exceedingly expensive and many times more expensive when compared to a comparable size gemstone gemstone. A exact great case of a Fancy diamond is the infamous 45.52 car at fancy heavy azure diamond, the Hope Diamond, that will be on display in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC.

A colour improved gemstone is a 100% natural diamond that has had its color shifted. And on top of that, colour improved diamonds come in a very big collection of shades at quite inexpensive prices!

A Little Bit of history-

For many, several decades it was well known a diamond’s color could be”improved” by putting just a piece of colored substance in the surface of the diamond and just like magic… a diamond that needed a obvious yellowish color would shift to an even more attractive close colorless diamond. Unfortunately 鑽石戒指,

a colour improved diamond could change back into its original figure color when this colored substance was inadvertently eliminated.

In more recent decades, the tech of color enhanced diamonds has since gone exceptionally large tech. It is currently possible to entirely change the tone of a pearl! These procedures are thought to be durable because it will remain stable when exposed to everyday normal conditions. The color is not going to fade when exposed to sun or be cleaned off by unpleasant chemicals.

How do it?

The desirable results of at least one of the treatments will be always to have a more marketable diamond. An famous diamond would be a gemstone which features a minimal frame shade or a lower cushioning. The color enhanced diamond remedy companies understand should they start with a certain sort of diamond and process it to get a certain amount of period that they ought to get a specific color but it doesn’t necessarily work that way. This really is really a science that does require some art inside their processes… the single procedure which offers consistent results would be that the coat procedure.

The 3 procedures are as follows-

Procedure no 1- HPHT colour Improved Diamonds- large Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) treatment may enhance the color of particular kinds of brown diamonds and therefore increase their own value. Standard Electric has generated an activity that pretty much is just a mechanical simulation of a gemstone’s production in nature. The colour improved diamond is going to be heated to a very higher temperature under a exact significant, stabilized pressure. Faults in the crystal structure are then rearranged resulting in a change of the diamond’s coloring.

As the conditions of HPHT have become much like diamond unique creation, simply a very well equipped lab should be able to absolutely identify such a colour improved diamond. HPHT was first utilised to twist yellowish diamonds into more marketable fancy colored enhanced diamonds, but today it is likewise utilised to transform some unpopular brownish diamonds to more desirable colorless coloured diamonds that were coloured.

Procedure no 2- Irradiated shade improved Diamonds- OK… do not begin getting all fired up because you watched the term irradiated! This really is really a 100% safe and sound procedure which is very like what exactly is utilized to conserve foods by exposing it to some stream of Gamma rays. The color enhanced diamond method is achieved in various approaches but the consequences will be the exact same. You begin using a very low coloration (P, Q, R, etc.) 100% normal gemstone which has been polished and cut, then it is exposed to a stream of fast electrons. In this part of the procedure the diamond can turn to some exact dark color since several of the strands at the diamond’s crystal arrangement have already been dislocated and this turn has influenced the way light passes through the diamond. Next the bead goes through a controlled heating (annealing) procedure, this allows a few of these molecules to re-locate (partially mended ) as a way to acquire a desired coloring.

Process number 3- Fragrant Color Improved Diamonds- The coating on polished diamonds identifies into a thin synthetic coating that alters the tone of this gemstone. The coating can either be of the desired color or may cause a colored interference-effect. Regrettably sometimes this approach is done in order to deceive a client. It is a comparatively simple procedure to performit has been around for many years (although the coatings materials are substantially better today ), plus it does not need a lot of high priced high tech tools. Recently, I’ve seen a few pink coated diamonds available on the sector, they truly are rather desirable…. And of course you may need to purchase them comprehending they were coated and also follow your jeweler’s guidelines about owning and caring for these color enhanced diamonds.

The coat can also be placed on the complete of a diamond’s area, just the bottom of the diamond, or into some narrow corner around the girdle. Even a well-applied coating could alter the color by a color grade. Some coatings might be eliminated through boiling in acid, robust cleaning solutions, or even household chemicals. Some times larger or dots regions of purple or blue collar are painted onto the diamond to help regrow a yellow shade. The bead’s placing will normally pay the dots, therefore they truly are not simple to see in a mounted rock.

Thus, really is a colour improved diamond right foryou?

Possibly… natural fancy color diamonds may be amazing but they are high priced! Color enhanced diamonds really are cheap and allow lots of folks to get a brightly colored colored gemstone. Ask your regional jeweler should they’ve got any Fancy diamonds…. Either organic or colour enhanced diamonds. It’s always interesting, and interesting, to look at some thing else!

Under ordinary use the irradiated and HPHT colour improved diamonds will probably have no issues of this color evaporating off. The single consideration will be when you want to have any service achieved in the piece of jewelry. Whether this type of color enhanced diamond is vulnerable to excess amount of heat it might affect along with. The jeweler needs to be aware the diamond is actually a colour improved diamond just before any work is carried out and subsequently a bead will be able to decide on the most suitable strategy. Color enhanced diamonds are now also used whilst the small accent diamonds round a bigger colorless diamond. You will find lots of exciting pieces of jewellery readily available with small blue, yellow, black, white or reddish colour enhanced diamonds.

Today that you know about colour enhanced diamonds and someone attempts to sell you on what they predict that a natural fancy colored pearl but it is in a superb deal price… you also will know that some thing simply does not seem right about the deal. An account by a reputed grading laboratory ought to accompany all natural Fancy colored diamonds that are promoted as natural. In the event you deal with a dependable business and you’ve been assured in what it is you’re buying, then you definitely may lessen the prospect of anything awful happened to youpersonally. As with any situation between an expensive purchase of some thing which maybe not many people today are very well educated in, education should be an crucial part of one’s own plan. This is even more important in the event that you intend to buy a colour improved diamond.

Bud Boland has been at the jewellery business for 40 decades and it has achieved everything from watch making, silver setting, jewelry manufacturing, and has been a Gemologist for almost 3-5 decades ago He’s a Graduate Gemologist from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), that will be in addition where he was a Instructor. He has educated about diamonds to countless hundreds of college students from all throughout the whole world.