Kids Birthday Cakes – How to Easily Turn Them Into Theme Cakes


Kids birthday cakes can create wonder and amazement. It is just plain fun to watch a child’s expression when they see a birthday cake that has been made to look like their favorite character or theme. A cake that has been made especially for them with care and creativity. There are several ways you can create themed kids birthday cakes. Depending on your skill level, some may be more appealing to you than others. Here are some different ways you can use to help you make terrific looking theme cakes.

The most obvious way is to use a specially shaped cake pan alabama crimson tide birthday cakes. There are several specially shaped pans to match most of the themes that are currently popular. This will enable you to bake a cake in the exact shape that you need so that all you have to do is decorate the cake. It is possible though that your child may want a unique party theme for which there is no specially shaped cake pan available. In this instance you are going to have to find another alternative.

One alternative is to create the character yourself by baking an ordinary sheet cake and drawing the character or shape that you want on the cake with icing. Then cut away the cake from the outline of your character. Since you are drawing on your cake with icing, you are free to wipe it off and start over as many times as you need to until you are satisfied with your image. The cut away pieces can also be used to help create your shape or add dimension to areas of your cake.

Yet another way that you can create fantastic looking kids birthday cakes is to use cake toppers or edible cake art images to match your party theme. Cake toppers are usually made from plastic and can be set on top of your cake. When you are finished with your cake, they are often times reusable and can be used on another cake. Edible cake art images are also placed on top of the cake, but are as the name indicates
“edible” so they do not need to be removed from the cake prior to eating it. Both of these alternatives can be used with sheet cakes or round cakes and are probably the easiest alternative. However, they will still give you that great looking cake that will be sure to bring amazement and delight to all of the kids at your party.

No matter which method you choose, kids will be thrilled that you made them a special cake to match their party theme or favorite character. The excitement of the birthday child when he or she sees the cake will be worth the extra effort you put forth in making those themed kids birthday cakes.